AWFS 2011 Fresh Wood Award Winners

Best of Show! Candice Groenke's Katana Bench

Congratulations to all the winners of the AWFS (the Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers) Fresh Wood Student Competition! And a special congratulations from HOCK TOOLS to the four College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program students who won! Candice Groenke won Best of Show for her Katana Bench, while the Post Secondary Case Goods catagory was swept by: First Place: Bonner Armbruster – Miss Peaches; Second Place: Tim McGuire – Milky Way Sideboard; Honorable Mention: Mickey McCann – Percival the Red Knightstand.

1st Place: Bonner Armbruster's "Miss Peaches"

Way to go CR! (Sorry I don’t have photos of Mickey or Tim’s works but I’ll ask around and post more later.)

New Plane Making Video from William Ng

Ng's Sculpted Rocker Class -- Happy and Comfy

William Ng offers an intriguing variety of top-quality classes taught by top-quality artisans at his school in Anaheim, California. He’s posted a beautiful new video highlighting his plane-making style and techniques:

Anyone interested in learning more is encouraged to visit his website and/or to contact William directly.

Nice work, William!

Double Bevel Sharpening Video from Brian Burns

Burns' Stone Box in Use

My friend Brian Burns is the author of the book Double Bevel Sharpening which I have used extensively and referenced numerous times in previous posts. I think his information and techniques are well considered, practical and deserve a place in the pantheon of sharpening methodology. He has just produced and posted an excellent 28-minute video in which he thoroughly demonstrates his technique using his “stone box” and honing guide.

Double bevels (back bevels) may not be for everyone but they may solve your planing problems, allowing you to plane even the most difficult, tear-out-prone woods. Brian has studied planing for over forty years and continues to improve his technique along with his book and fixtures. He’s a valuable resource for anyone using hand planes as well as electric-powered jointers and planers.