A History of Razor Blade Planes

While bookbinding and woodworking may have little overlap in the way of techniques or materials, they do share many tools. I am fortunate to have made the acquaintance of master bookbinder and conservator, Jeff Peachey, who makes and sells tools for his craft as well as teaching and performing it as, among the many hats he wears, the 2011 Sherman Fairchild Conservation Research Fellow at the Morgan Library & Museum. I’ve written about Jeff here before. This time, he’s written a fascinating post about razor blade planes. There is even a mention of “perhaps the earliest illustration of the ¬†Scary Sharp¬†sharpening method.”

While a razor blade plane probably won’t replace one of your “real” planes, I think it’s an interesting bit of history and it includes some contemporary offerings as well (yes they’re still available!)