The Essential Sharpening Collection

One of the Essentials!
One of the Essentials!

There is a real bargain to be had over at Popular Woodworking’s Shop Woodworking store. It’s a package deal with eight of the best resources available to improve your sharpening game. They’ve included an everyone-should-have side-clamping honing guide along with Christopher Schwarz’s DVD, The Last Word on SharpeningRon Herman’s DVD, Sharpen Your Handsaws, Schwarz’s Digital Downloads, A Better Way to Sharpen Scrapers, Understanding Honing Guides, The Speed Demons of Sharpening, and Sharpening Plane Irons and Chiselsas well as, of course, my compendium on sharpening, The Perfect Edge, the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers.

This collection would normally cost you $98.42 but right now it is being offered for $59.99! That’s a great deal! There are only 100 of these discount packages available so… make it so.

If your sharpening game is still on the learning curve – or if you want to add efficiency and ease with tips and tricks from the experts – this wealth of information helps speed your journey.

Just remember that sharpening is a fundamental skill for every woodworker. You simply cannot do good work without sharp tools! And, we each began to learn this task at some point, and many of us continue to – pardon the expression — hone what we’ve already learned. The Essential Sharpening Collection is a great package for any woodworker’s library!