An Interview with Patrick Leach of The Superior Works

We can all blame Patrick Leach! Yes, he is the fearless maven who coined the moniker “Galoot,” which is now the woodworker term for the surprisingly dedicated and populous neanderthals who look at electrical outlets as a last and unwelcome resort.

What’s more, Patrick Leach puts his entire being where his mouth is on The Superior Works website, where you can sign up for Patrick’s latest list of available old tool offerings.

The Superior Works, home to Patrick’s Blood & Gore

In all, The Superior Works provides even the least expert on woodworking handtools a clear picture of the Galoot ethos and an insider view of how and why the collecting and using of old hand tools instructs the present day bench with the heart and craft of the past.

The site is so like Patrick himself, a non-commercialized businessman who believes in the venerated traditions of hand and custom made and the innate values these traditions convey – quality, longevity, respect and self- worth. Plus, Patrick talks about old tools with great candor, a delightful wit and a self-deprecating humor, not to mention a communicable passion.

This is all to the good because browsing The Superior Works website is a deep and wide browse, the place where Patrick Leach offers his readers the history and taxonomy of vintage hand tools, the core and pulse of which is a thing called Patrick’s Blood and Gore. Once there, you may find yourself happily lost for days in an old tool thrall.

Before you do that, though – or if you just cannot help yourself, and once you’ve been restored to your former capacity – please read this interview; a talkative thing by any standard and an excellent look at the truest of Galoots, one Patrick Leach.

Handworks in Amana, Iowa!

A very impressive roster of 27 hand tool makers and woodworking enthusiasts will gather in the historic German village of Amana, Iowa, May 24-25, 2013. This auspicious event is called Handworks, Woodworking Tools and Traditions and promises to be an exciting but relaxed, quiet get-together of the like-minded, open to the public with free admission. The Amana Colonies offer a rich array of historic recreational experiences with plenty of food and lodging while Handworks offer a rare opportunity for a fascinating  — scintillating, even! — visit with some of the world’s finest tool makers and woodworkers. Check out the list by clicking on the image above. Cool, huh? Kinda like Woodstock for woodworkers. Kinda. With sausage and beer.

So mark your calendar, make some reservations and do not miss this historic event in a historic setting. Linda and I look forward to seeing you in … Heaven? No, it’s Iowa!