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A LOT of Bottles of Beer on the Wall (Do the Math)

James Krenov’s Fine Woodworking Program at the College of the Redwoods here in Fort Bragg, California, has an almost 30-year tradition of Friday evening get-togethers known as Elephants. The weekly gathering of students, faculty, staff, families thereof, friends, neighbors, former … Continue reading

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Two Better Than One?

I enjoyed the recent dialogue about bevel-up and bevel-down planes, their respective wear bevels and such that, I believe, started here. It was an excellent exploration of the basic issues pertaining to how planes actually work. While I don’t advocate … Continue reading

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Sometimes you get the burr…

Another lazy man’s blog post today. My friend Joel of Tools for Working Wood recently wrote about his method for determining if a blade is sharp. I am trying, with this blog, to add or highlight information about sharpening that … Continue reading

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How to Sharpen a Router Plane Blade

Sometimes this job is just too easy. Two posts in a row about sharpening techniques that I think are significant enough to share and all I have to do it point you to them. (If you’ve already seen them, I … Continue reading

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Scraping Along

Rob Porcaro is a fine woodworker and furniture-maker near Boston, MA who finds time to write interesting things in his blog as well. He recently posted a very thorough three-part review of the Veritas Scraping Plane which includes a review … Continue reading

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