New Bench-Top Strop from Evenfall Woodworks

Rob Hanson of Evenfall Woodworks has a new bench-top strop sharpening system available that sounds innovative and very handy.

It is optimized for the bench to keep it secure and nearby for hassle-free edge touch-ups. I haven’t seen one in person yet but Rob always brings new ideas to his top-quality offerings so I think this one should have merit as well. I say, check it out.

We’ll be at the L-N Event this Weekend…

…at the Crucible in Oakland, California. Tomorrow (Friday) 10am to 6pm and Saturday 10am to 5pm. Details here.

Last year's event at the Crucible -- great place!

Linda and I will have blades and plane kits to show, a couple of demo planes to show off (even one of Jim Krenov’s) as well as books to sign. We’ve attended several of these events in the past and find them very rewarding. They’re casual, friendly and fun. Make some time to come by and say hi (dress warmly, it’s chilly inside).

Hope to see you there!


Handle with Care

We’ve had a few requests for the blades only from our handled carving knives…

HOCK Carving Knives
Handle-less Carving Blades

… and so we now have a few of the blades in stock. Ordering info is here.

You can sandwich a blade between two pieces of wood with epoxy or use a 1/16″ slot cutter in your router:

Not Rocket Science

The holes are 4mm or 5/32″ diameter. For pins you could use wood dowels, brass or steel pins (brass rod and steel or stainless steel pins are available here.) Good luck, have fun and handle with care!