Adam’s Hock block plane kit

My new best friend built his HOCK block plane kit. It looks like he did it all himself while his dad was busy with the camera. Great job, Adam! And thanks for all the great photos, Lawrence!

Midnight Woodworking

Last weekend, Adam bought a block plane kit form Hock Tools, at the Woodworking in America market place. We finally had the time, this weekend, to put it together.

Clamping and drilling the body Clamping and drilling the body

I tried to let Adam do as much of the work as possible, but I had to help a little. He started by assembling the rear and drilling locating holes. Next he cut the supplied dowel to make the locating pins.

Cutting the dowels Cutting the dowels

After pinning the rear in place, he repeated the process with the front.

Pinning the back in place Pinning the back in place

Then he marked the location of the opening in the middle. Once everything was located and marked, the instructions say to take it all apart and apply paste wax to the bottom and the inside surfaces to prevent glue squeeze-out from sticking. We ran into a slight problem getting everything apart at this…

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