New Kits for WIA!

NEW! Block Plane Kit

We have two new kits that will be featured for the first time at Woodworking in America. The label-image above shows our new Block Plane Kit — a simple small bubinga plane with a single 1″ wide blade. It will sell for $60. And we’ll also introduce our new Spokeshave Kit:

NEW! Spokeshave Kit

Made from jarrah, we’ve done all the machining to fit the blade and screws. You need only glue in the brass wear strip and shape the handles to fit your hands. Our design includes blade-adjustment set screws, hex key, brass thumb screws and a HOCK blade. Price will be $80.

These won’t be available anywhere until WIA. After that they’ll be available at Linda and I hope to see you in Cincinnati!

WIA Discount Coupon — Save Two Bucks!

Jameel, hiding his true identity, at WIA '10

Got this from the show organizers at PWW:

“Good morning exhibitors.

Please find attached a coupon that you can distribute to friends, customers or anyone of your choosing offering a $2 discount off admission price at the door for the Marketplace.  If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

We look forward to seeing you at the end of the month.”

Hey, two bucks is two bucks so print it out, copy it and pass it around and everyone can save the price of a beer (coffee?) at the WIA Marketplace. Linda and I are getting excited! We’re bringing blades, of course, and two new kits (small block plane and wooden spokeshave — not even on the website yet) as well as some HOCK hats and tees!

When in Cincinnati, be sure to try some goetta. I got hooked last year. You may have to ask around but it’s worth it. Pure Cinci.

See you there!