Bevel-Up Wooden Plane How-To

Here’s a great way to make a bevel-up wooden plane! This how-to article by Jacques Breau, available at Canadian Woodworking Magazine’s website, is well-written, with clear illustrations and excellent photos.

The blade specified in the article is HOCK TOOLS’ #PL200, which normally comes with a breaker. In this application the breaker is not used so we’ll be happy to sell the blade without the breaker at a $10 discount if you specify “no breaker” in the comments box when you check out. (The blade will have a slot for the breaker but you’ll just ignore it.)

If you ever wanted to make a wooden plane, Jacques’ article offers an easy path to success. For a quick-paced, only moderately challenging, and very satisfying experience, this plane build is definitely worth a try!