2016 Fine Woodworking Mid Winter Show!

Lightweight, by Laura Mays, European White Oak, European Ash
“Lightweight” by Laura Mays. European White Oak and European Ash

The students at College of the Redwoods* Fine Woodworking Program have opened their 2016 Mid Winter Show and it is stunning! The students start working on these projects after the requisite six-week training in the fundamentals every fall semester. They are urged to keep this project “small, simple, sweet and constructed of solid wood.

Linda and Laura Mays with Greg Smith's box.
Greg Smith’s cylindrical box.

Linda and I saw the show on Saturday but there were still a couple pieces yet to be installed so we’ll be going back for another viewing today. The show is only on for little more than a week — until the 24th — so don’t dawdle or you’ll miss it.

“This Must Be The Place” by Kendra Wolfe. Bay Laurel with Elm Drawer Fronts.

The reception that starts at 5:00 this Friday, the 22nd, is always a great party. The local community turns out in large numbers and many former students make the scene, some traveling great distances through the rain and snow to get here. As usual, yours truly will be behind the bar opening beers and pouring wine. (Some tasks you just can’t leave to amateurs.) I promise it will be a wonderful evening and hope to see you there!

*James Krenov‘s world renowned Fine Woodworking Program has operated in Fort Bragg, California since 1981 as a program of the College of the Redwoods.  Next year, however, the program will become part of the Mendocino College Fort Bragg Campus. Mendocino College is a geographically closer auspices as the main campus is located in the city of Ukiah, an hour and a half drive from the Fort Bragg. College of the Redwoods is based in Eureka, a 3 hour drive from here. So, whatever the name change will be, the same great woodworking program will continue.

Author: Ron Hock

Owner of HOCK TOOLS (.com) and author of "The Perfect Edge, the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers"

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