New Knife Kits!

Our Two New Kits with Bubinga Scales
Our Two New Kits with Bubinga Scales

Two New Knife Kits – The 8” Slicing/Carver and The 8” Chef’s

Great news! Hock Tools just released two new kitchen knife kits. The  8” slicing/carving and 8” Chef’s knife kits are easily built and immensely satisfying projects. Together with our paring knife and 5” chef’s knife kits, you can now build a classic (and classy if I do say so myself!) set of exceedingly sharp and durable kitchen knives made of good old-fashioned 01 tool steel.

You probably already know that while stainless steel cutlery can be handy, nothing – and I mean nothing – cuts better in the kitchen than top quality, high-carbon tool steel. Our kitchen knife kits are made from 01 tool steel, the same steel we’ve been using for decades in Hock Tools plane blades, and in the knives in our own kitchen.

Yes, the knives above were made from our two new kits and from the same steel at the same hardness that you have come to value and rely on in Hock Tools woodworking blades. As a woodworker, you will appreciate how easily these knew knife blades sharpen and how sharp you can get and maintain them in your own kitchen. You know how tomatoes resist the slicer? Not when you slice them with this new slicer/carver. Keep it honed and tomatoes be sliced.

These Kit Blades come with 3 Steel Pins
These Kit Blades come with 3 Steel Pins

Remember, though, that a little care will prevent corrosion. A good tip is to dip your blade in water before slicing onions, apples, or potatoes. Fruits and vegetables like these benefit from a wet carbon blade rather than a dry one. And – this is very important for tool steel in the kitchen — wash and dry your high carbon kitchen knives after each use and never, never put them in the dishwasher. Stainless can’t hold a candle to the sharpness of these knives, but high carbon needs more of your love. Hone as necessary, and your new knife will be treasured for generations.

Although full instructions come with your kits, you can also find Hock Tools’ knife kit instructions on the Hock Tools website. Plus, there are woodworkers who have completed these kits and provided all sorts of how-to information:

Nik Brown, Digital Woodworker, August 21, 2014 Knifemaking video.

Jeffrey Fleisher, Shenandoah Tool Works, tool review for March issue of Highland Woodworking’s publication Wood News Online, March 2015 issue.

Infinity Tools’ Blog entry about assembling a Hock Knife Kit



Author: Ron Hock

Owner of HOCK TOOLS (.com) and author of "The Perfect Edge, the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers"

2 thoughts on “New Knife Kits!”

  1. Would Gun Bluing carbon steel knives like this be a good idea? I love my carbon kitchen knives but others in the house forget about their proper care at times and I’m wondering if that would help minimize some of the staining etc.

    1. Gun bluing is a controlled oxidation process that encourages the formation of a tough, black, occlusive form of iron oxide. The idea is that the oxide layer will inhibit the formation of other kinds of rust, especially the orange/brown stuff that we hate. It works but, if you’ve ever owned a blued firearm, it can still rust. And when exposed to moisture and acidic foods that a kitchen knife encounters daily I fear the protection would be short-lived. I think it would be easier to learn to like the natural gray patina that forms. When it gets too gnarly I scrub the blade with steel wool or Bon Ami cleanser, which is milder than most.

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