New Summer Classes at College of the Redwoods

If coming to the Mendocino Coast for the sheer natural beauty of the place isn’t enough…

Every summer College of the Redwoods Fine Woodworking Program offers several excellent courses. Their three-week Tools and Techniques class is always very popular and is now offered as a one-week plane-making class (the tools part) followed by two weeks of technique instruction. In this condensed, intensive three-week course you can learn the core basics of the nine-month apprenticeship program started 32 years ago by James KrenovJim Budlong, long famous for his technical accomplishment and teaching ability, as well as immeasurable patience and good humor, will once again be teaching Tools and Techniques. Students of all skill levels are welcome and I would encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to achieve a greater proficiency with your woodworking.

With chairs trending in woodworking these days caning and upholstery are taken up and de-mystified this summer at CR. For the first time at CR you’ll have the rare opportunity to learn to build the classic Danish Cord Stool in a week-long class by David Johnson:

Danish cord is a three- ply Kraft paper cord resembling rush, widely used in the production of Scandinavian furniture. Students attending this class will construct a simple 16 inch-square stool in oak and weave the seat. —  from CR Fine Furniture

David is also teaching a three-day class in Caning this summer. A lot of woodworkers shy away from doing their own upholstery. I guess it seems too mysterious or far afield or something. But why let a little mystery spoil the satisfaction of having done it all yourself? Take the leap from woodworker to Furniture Maker.

And speaking of upholstery, Wheeler Munroe will teach a one-week Upholstery for Furniture:

Wheeler plans to present an overview of a variety of situations and solutions that can arise in upholstered furniture. Daily lectures, slide shows and demonstrations will be followed by hands-on exercises incorporating the day’s lesson. Information gained in this class will be useful in the planning of unique projects and in the restoration of treasures. Wheeler is of the opinion that upholstery is a sculptural process with a variety of creative and accurate approaches. Her goal is to familiarize students with a range of materials and methods. — from CR Fine Furniture

Summers are cool here on the coast — the average high temperature in June and July is about 65F. Our local area has a lot to offer for the whole family, from hiking and mountain biking in the woods to long walks and horse rides on lovely, lonely beaches; great lodging, dining, golf, fishing and giant redwoods. Oh, and don’t forget the Skunk Train!.

See you this summer!

About Ron Hock

Owner of HOCK TOOLS (.com) and author of "The Perfect Edge, the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers"
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