Tormek Rotating Base

The Tormek Rotating Base

The Tormek Rotating Base #RB180

One of the (very) few complaints I hear about the Tormek sharpening system is its lack of reversibility. The new Tormek Rotating Base, however, addresses this problem. There are times when grinding a tool that the abrasive should be turning into the edge and times when it’s best to have it turning away from the edge. The only way to achieve that with the Tormek is to either turn the whole machine around to use if from the other side (slopping water along the way), or to walk around to the other side of the bench (assuming your bench is not against the wall).  So the clever designers at Tormek have developed a rotating base that dispenses with these awkward maneuvers. Problem solved.

The rotating base lifts the Tormek less than an inch

The rotating base lifts the Tormek less than an inch


The gray lever is the latch

Tormek4 Tormek5Tormek6

The latch locks the smoothly rotating base when the rotation is complete, limited to 180 degrees by the power cord. Designed to fit the T-7, T-3, the 2000, the 1200 plus the SA-250 and N-1500. Price: $55, wherever Tormek is sold

As with all the Tormek accessories this one is well designed and executed. Simple, functional and handy.

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One Response to Tormek Rotating Base

  1. georgevbeck says:

    I just received the rotating base and I find it has the additional plus of acting as a little tray to catch some water splash.


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