Rob Porcaro’s Sharpening Bench

I have cadged sharpening info for this blog from Rob Porcaro in the past (here) and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Rob does high quality, thoughtful work and describes it in clear detail in his Heartwood blog. His latest posts are about his sharpening station. They merit a look. Rob tells me he has been using and refining this setup for about ten years and finally feels ready to pass along what he’s learned.

Some woodworkers consider a dedicated sharpening station a luxury but I consider it as important as your bench. And, like your bench, its design needs only to fit your sharpening gear, ergonomic needs and honing proclivities. Part I lays out the project overview and Part II begins the build process. The rest of the steps will follow so check in often with the Heartwood Blog. Nice work, Rob!

About Ron Hock

Owner of HOCK TOOLS (.com) and author of "The Perfect Edge, the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers"
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