Handworks in Amana, Iowa!

A very impressive roster of 27 hand tool makers and woodworking enthusiasts will gather in the historic German village of Amana, Iowa, May 24-25, 2013. This auspicious event is called Handworks, Woodworking Tools and Traditions and promises to be an exciting but relaxed, quiet get-together of the like-minded, open to the public with free admission. The Amana Colonies offer a rich array of historic recreational experiences with plenty of food and lodging while Handworks offer a rare opportunity for a fascinating¬† — scintillating, even! — visit with some of the world’s finest tool makers and woodworkers. Check out the list by clicking on the image above. Cool, huh? Kinda like Woodstock for woodworkers. Kinda. With sausage and beer.

So mark your calendar, make some reservations and do not miss this historic event in a historic setting. Linda and I look forward to seeing you in … Heaven? No, it’s Iowa!

3 thoughts on “Handworks in Amana, Iowa!

      1. Thanks Ron I have tried it again and it is the same . I guess I,m not doing it right . I will wait until next month and try it again. Thanks Ron JOHN

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