LN Hand Tool Event at the Crucible! But…

This floor needs sanding and finishing!

… I’m sorry to say that we won’t be there. Linda and I have always had a great time at the Crucible for the Lie-Nielsen events and we couldn’t be more pleased that it’s been moved to a warmer time of year (as with last time — much nicer!) But this year conflicts with the floor renovation in our living room. The contractors are scheduled for next week and we need to be here for them. The kitchen is finished (well, there’s always something that still needs to be done) so now the living room has to catch up. We already did the floor in the kitchen — we had the fir and redwood sub-floor sanded and finished. It was never intended to be a finished floor but it looks rustically beautiful. It’s the “barn floor” look which offsets the visual formality of the new cabinets very nicely.

We love our new kitchen and its “barn floor”!

So we’ll be home working on the house while you are at the Crucible, visiting with toolmakers and woodworkers — experts in both! We’ll be there in spirit and hope you can be there in reality. It’s a great venue and Lie-Nielsen always does us all proud. Have fun!

Author: Ron Hock

Owner of HOCK TOOLS (.com) and author of "The Perfect Edge, the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers"

3 thoughts on “LN Hand Tool Event at the Crucible! But…”

  1. What is your exposure on that bank of windows, Ron? Is sun exposure/fading going to be an issue?

    Our house is a passive solar design, so we have no direct sunlight coming into th house, excepting the morning hours on a few windows, during the summer. But in the winter, when the sun is lower in the southern exposure, we get lots of sunlight to help warm the house.

    None of the previous owners ever had an issue with their floors (well… With UV exposure on wood) because it was always carpeted. But we put hardwood in the entire main floor and it is something we have to monitor. We either pull curtains during the day or pull the rugs in the winter (or a combination of both, though we currently have the rugs pulled year round for other cat-related reasons).

    Love the idea of refinishing the subfloor! Makes fixing squeaks easier, too!

    1. The first photo is looking south-east so we’ll get plenty of sun. The fir will darken a lot but we like that. The intended finish has UV protection for itself that will slow the darkening in the wood. And we live on the north coast so any and all sunshine that can get through the fog is welcome. Are you concerned that your floors will discolor or that the finish will deteriorate?

  2. Discoloration. And it isn’t a concern so much as it is an issue. We have faint shadow lines in one area where we had a rug down the first year the floor was in. (It has been down for about four years now.)

    Don’t know if it would react like that now, after a few years of exposure, because we don’t have the rugs down.

    (Oh, the flooring is Santos Mahogany, which isn’t really a mahogany.)

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