Trip Report — LN Event in Oxnard, CA

"Ahhh, South California" -- That's Santa Cruz Island in silhouette.

I spent my first thirty years in Southern California. And the last thirty in Northern California. So it was a pleasant trip “back home” for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Oxnard, north of Los Angeles, near Santa Barbara. There it was, middle of March, a bit windy and wet here on the north coast but Oxnard on Friday was almost 80 degrees, sunny, a light breeze. It was nice — and I miss that kind of winter weather. On the other hand, it’s that gorgeous weather that entices so many to relocate to So Cal. The traffic was barely tolerable thirty years ago and one of the reasons we left. It hasn’t improved. But traffic notwithstanding, we had a great show in Oxnard, visited good friends, enjoyed great meals and conversation and returned home to the rainy, windy North Coast. All-in-all a great excursion.

Ron Hock, Kevin Drake of Glen-Drake Toolworks and Ron Goldman of Woodworker West Magazine

Along with the Lie-Nielsen gang, Pat Megowan and Robert McSwegin lead by John Parkinson, we were joined by Kevin Drake and Heather Trosdahl of Glen-Drake Toolworks and Ron Goldman was there promoting his excellent magazine, Woodworker West. The show was hosted by Brady Andresen of Heartwood Milling, who graciously helped us all set up and seemed to enjoy having us confound his business for a couple of days. Thanks, Brady.

John Parkinson of Lie-Nielsen and Ron Hock

Pat Megowen of Lie-Nielsen

Robert McSwegin of Lie-Nielsen

As always with the LN shows we saw old friends and made new ones. Thanks to all who came to see us — for asking good questions, bringing your planes to tune-up or show-off  and for being such great customers. I hope the show was as good for all of you as it was for us. See you next time!

About Ron Hock

Owner of HOCK TOOLS (.com) and author of "The Perfect Edge, the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers"
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2 Responses to Trip Report — LN Event in Oxnard, CA

  1. rob campbell says:

    Ron, what is the tshirt you are wearing? Looks a lot like the Port Townsend School’s logo… MBW?

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