The Wood Whisperer Needs a Little Help

From Marc Spagnulo (the Wood Whisperer):

Hey folks. Many of you already know about our recent troubles with this whole DDoS attack. A DDoS attack is an organized deliberate effort by an individual or a group to simply take a website down, either for mischief or to put the company out of business. To sum up, someone either doesn’t like my face or simply wants The Wood Whisperer out of the picture. Unfortunately, mitigating the attack and covering our existing costs is going to be a very expensive endeavor. The attack is still going on and this month’s hosting costs alone just shot up to $1700.

So here’s the uncomfortable part. If you have ever been on the fence about joining the Guild or perhaps you were considering buying something from The Wood Whisperer Store, now would be a really really awesome time for you to do that. And while we aren’t real big on straight donations, we do have the donation option if you’d like to help out directly.

Nicole and I have always seen the entire Wood Whisperer enterprise as a “community effort”. From the days when you used to support us directly to today when we can actually provide products and services in exchange for your financial support, The Wood Whisperer has always been about community (and dumping buckets of wood shavings on our heads).

Since there is a good chance this attack was either by a competitor or by someone who simply dislikes what we’ve created here, I can think of no better way to fight back then to humbly receive help again from the community that got us where we are today.

So let’s help out a valuable member of our woodworking community. Join the guild, buy a tee shirt, maybe make a donation to a worthy cause. Good luck, Marc!

About Ron Hock

Owner of HOCK TOOLS (.com) and author of "The Perfect Edge, the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers"
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9 Responses to The Wood Whisperer Needs a Little Help

  1. Hey Ron. I can’t thank you enough for helping to spread the word. I really appreciate it my friend. This is quite a headache…..and a completely unnecessary one. As if there weren’t enough obstacles to trying to run a successful business. Speaking of which, best of luck with the Hock enterprise!


    • Ron Hock says:

      We all do what we can to help “float all the boats.” I feel so privileged to be part of this incredible industry that feels like a community. Keep up the good work. And, from the sharpening blog: Illegitimi non carborundum.

    • Niels says:

      Wow, Mark, I am so sorry to hear about this sort of cowardly and despicable attack. I really cannot understand how some people can stoop so low. I hope your troubles are resolved quickly and you can get back to generously offering your perspective on woodworking.

  2. Tico Vogt says:


    Thanks for getting the word out on Marc’s behalf.

  3. KevinC says:

    Since finding your site a couple months ago it’s become a regular stop for me. I’ve learned a lot and been inspired by you…I’m sure I can contribute something, perhaps not a membership but whatever I can. Woodworking is in my family…my blood if you will…both sides of my family for multiple generations. But, not me…it’s just a hobby for me and I’ve only taken that up recently. My profession is actually I.T., so perhaps I have something to offer there, I don’t know…but at the least maybe you have questions about things your told/sold with the website and maybe I can repay your sharing of skills with some of my own – contact me if there’s any way I can help!

  4. Ron, I would like to send money to Marc to help offset his costs, but his website is still down, apparently. Do you know of a way to reach him or send money to him?

  5. Marc says:

    Thanks for the supportive words everyone. Since folks are asking, here’s the link to the original post in our forum:

    There you’ll find links for helping us deal with the attack. The site was down for a bit this morning but that was actually more to do with our new stringent settings on the server. We are back up now. But unfortunately, the attack is still going on and we have to gear up for the long haul on this one. So we thank you all for your support from the bottom of our hearts!

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