About the Need for Ballast


Walter, a good friend from college, linked to this essay in G+ and I thought I’d pass it along.  Sabina Nawaz and John P. Williamson wrote this short piece for the Harvard Business Review: Ballast: A Tool for Finding Work-Life Balance. They open with the story of the Vasa, the Swedish warship launched in 1628 only to sink a mile later. Even though Nawaz and Williamson use a lesson in boat-building to make their case, their essay has little to do with woodworking. It is about achieving and maintaining balance in the key values — intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual — that guide your work and life — the “four corners of your core.” Sound advice for any of us who juggle our jobs, families, hobbies… you know, life.

Check it out, especially if you always feel too busy to do all the things that are important to you. Thank you, Walter!

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One Response to About the Need for Ballast

  1. Johan L says:

    Well, the Wasa ship is on display here in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a great ship and in one way we are happy that she sank, it would not have given us so much history if she had gone the normal way in those days !

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