Early Praise for The Perfect Edge and Our “Blade Bucks” Offer Lives On!

I’m not one to toot my own horn — honest. But I can’t help but share some of the kind things readers are saying about my book, The Perfect Edge. If you haven’t purchased your own copy yet, I’ve decided to extend the Blade Bucks offer indefinitely. Order your copy of The Perfect Edge from HOCK TOOLS and we’ll include a Blade Bucks certificate good for $10 off your next purchase from Hock Tools.

“Aye, mate, ’twas worth the wait. I haven’t had much time to myself until today, but on Christmas Day, amid all the extended family commotion, I was finding some peace in my leather recliner reading the first few chapters of your latest work. Well done. It’s been 38 years since I was in Materials Science class, a course I enjoyed and did well in, and your section on metallurgy should be adopted as a supplement for those courses. Much better written than any textbook I’ve ever had to wade through. It is a credit to you on how you’ve written this that I find it draws the reader in and I just keep reading along. I particularly commend you on your choice of advisers … an impressive list of experts lending their assistance, further improving the books credibility for me. I have much more to read, but this effort looks to be worth every bit of the energy you put into it — and having an autographed copy may well prove at some point to significantly enhance the perceived value on the bookshelf.” — C.D.

“Received the sharpening book today. First pass through – very satisfied – exactly what I bought it for: great information on sharpening, steel, and machines for sharpening. Glad you chose to write this book!” — B.P.

“I just received your book. I am not a non-fiction lover preferring murder mysteries. But, as a woodworker also, I have been fascinated and have learned as much about sharpening in a few hours of reading, as I accumulated over the past years. Thank-you for your efforts.” — G.T.

“Wow! I must say that you have done a masterful job of tying together an enormous amount of technical data. Your sense of humor comes through as well without distracting from the flow. The book is also a visual treat- clear large images leave no doubt as to what you mean to illustrate. There is plenty of hard data to keep the controversies going. I think you have given a very balanced view of the great variety of methods available.
In my opinion you have the absolute top book on the topic-period. Congratulations.” — B.B.

I am humbled by your kind words and thank you all so much.

(Oh and, G.T., on your preference for murder mysteries, me too. Have your read Connelly’s latest? Great stuff.)

Author: Ron Hock

Owner of HOCK TOOLS (.com) and author of "The Perfect Edge, the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers"

2 thoughts on “Early Praise for The Perfect Edge and Our “Blade Bucks” Offer Lives On!”

  1. I just read your book The Perfect Edge and found it to be what I needed. I was wondering how you sharpen a mortise chisel. Would you hollow grind it? Should I consider it to be just a skinny plane iron?

    1. I don’t think a hollow grind will matter too much one way or the other. The biggest advantage to a hollow grind on a plane iron or other chisel is the ease of freehand sharpening a hollow grind offers. That applies here, too. Because of the impact stress that a mortise chisel’s edge receives be sure to keep the edge angle on the large side. Experiment starting at 30 to 35 degrees and see if the edge holds up. A smaller angle will cut a bit more easily but may be too fragile to last.

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