Books Away! (And a cool link…)

We’re feverishly shipping out the pre-ordered books. A whole bunch left here yesterday (the weekend’s packaging efforts) and more will go today and tomorrow and next week as needed. We appreciate your patience and sincerely hope you get what you want from the book.

Meanwhile, for the (other) metal geeks out there, Mike Rock sent me a link that I’ll pass along: Transformation Diagrams. I especially like the second one as you can watch martensite formation over quench time (hey, I said it was for the metal geeks.)  This may be more interesting, and make more sense, after you’ve read my chapter on steel and heat treatment…

Back to packaging books.

Author: Ron Hock

Owner of HOCK TOOLS (.com) and author of "The Perfect Edge, the Ultimate Guide to Sharpening for Woodworkers"

2 thoughts on “Books Away! (And a cool link…)”

  1. I’ve been reading & really enjoying The Perfect Edge that I’ve just received. I’m curious about the 1″x30″ belt sander discussed on page 89 — It appears to be a well built machine, what is the brand name or purchase information?
    Thanks for a really great book!

    1. Those small belt sander/grinders are readily available. Shop locally first. An extremely well-made model (sold without motor) is here: Lee Valley Sander/Grinder or for a real bargain (the one shown in the book that’s just well-made enough): 1×30 Belt Sander. Belt grinders like these are incredibly handy. We use 2×72″ knifemaker-types in the Hock Shop for all of our grinding needs, rarely using a bench grinder, and I often wonder how anyone can get along without one. Belts are available from many abrasive suppliers; I think I ordered mine from McMaster-Carr. Anyone have other favorite supply links for these machines or belts?

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