Re: When things go wrong — A Tale of Tearout Terror

Al Navas (Sandal Woods) tells a tale of tearout — terrible tearout — that deserves repeating (especially in a sharpening blog – hint.)

Al's Terrible Tearout

Al's Terrible Tearout

Al begins this thriller thus: “I was on a roll, milling stock for drawers, when disaster struck. No matter what I tried, I was getting awful tearout on the maple. I had never experienced anything like it; time to sit down for a bit, take one deep breath, and plot a plan of attack…”

Read the denouement: (and I love the reply about the moaning chair. Gotta get me one of those.)

Thanks for sharing your tale of woe, Al. It’s a valuable lesson. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve hijacked your post.

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One Response to Re: When things go wrong — A Tale of Tearout Terror

  1. Al Navas says:


    I am glad you used the entry, as it *is* all about sharp blades – and mine weren’t! Since we are getting close to year-end, it might be helpful to start planning machine maintenance schedules for some time in December, or early January.

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